The success or failure of any organization depends on the quality of leadership it has. In the same breath, we know that the effectiveness of any church can be traced back to the ability of the elders and leadership of the church. This is the importance of prioritizing leadership development. Whether you work for a church, in corporate America, or the private sector, the need for quality leadership is crucial to the effectiveness and longevity of the organization.


 LVLUP is our approach to intentionally build, develop, and release leaders into a world of innovation, curiosity and more importantly, high level leadership that guides the Church as it carries out the purposes of God.




If you're interested in joining our leadership development program, contact your ministry director for next steps. If you're not serving on a team, you're invited to join today! One of our values is serving is how we lead - we believe if serving is below is then leadership is beyond us.  

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